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Safety Inspection Enterprise Ride Safety Inspection
The most important aspect of our business is the safety of our riders and guests.  We take safety very seriously and go to great lengths to ensure that each piece of equipment is maintained properly through a rigorous inspection procedure.  Each day prior to opening, our equipment is inspected by our certified team of ride formen; who are experts in their field.  In addition to our in-house inspections, we also hire a third party inspector to inspect each piece of equipment for mechanical and electrical faults.  Additionally, we are also inspected by local governments and organizations at the start of every event.

During the winter months, our equipment is overhauled at our maintenance facility.   In winter quarters, equipment is rebuilt from the ground up including mechanical, electrical, structural, and cosmetic repairs.  Each piece of equipment is maintained in accordance to the manufacturers specifications.

On the midway, we take safety one step further by educating the general public on rider safety.  Outside each ride, rider rules and safety restrictions are clearly posted.   Below is a list of general rules to help make your trip to the carnival safer!

Walk, don't run on ride surfaces and midway grounds.
Stay seated at all times until the ride operator informs you that it is safe to stand up.
Insure that the safety restraint fits snug against your body.
Read the posted rules outside each attraction.
Obey height restrictions.