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Murphy's Magical Midway
Since 1946, Murphy Brothers has created wonderful carnival experiences for well over 100 million people. At a very early age, Jerry and Jim Murphy worked along side their parents learning and building valuable experience in the amusement industry. Today, Jerry Murphy heads “Murphy Brothers Expositions”. Along with his experienced team of entertainment professionals, Jerry has created one of the largest amusement corporations in the U.S. With spectacular rides, great games and outstanding food, Murphy Brothers Expositions delivers:
  • America’s cleanest and finest midways
  • Exceptional maintenance and safety records
  • Strategic marketing plans
  • Impressive corporate sponsorships
  • An experienced management and technical staff.

We bring familes togetherYour fair, festival or event will definitely benefit by adding a powerful attraction like Murphy Brothers Expositions. However, there’s a whole lot more involved than just setting up the latest rides and games. There’s years of marketing expertise and the knowhow to incorporate high-caliber promotions, corporate sponsorships and coop advertising to boost attendance levels. Innovative marketing is how Jerry Murphy and his staff consistently execute extremely successful events for their venues. Call them today to learn how you can get the results your event deserves.

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