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Your fair, festival or event will definitely benefit by adding a powerful attraction like Murphy Brothers Expositions. However, there’s a whole lot more involved than just setting up the latest rides and games. There are years of marketing expertise and the know-how to incorporate high-caliber promotions, corporate sponsorships and coop advertising to boost attendance levels. Innovative marketing is how Jerry Murphy and his staff consistently execute extremely successful events for their venues.

Murphy Brothers services more major fairs than any other carnival company. Here are just some of their prestigious fairs:

  • Missouri State Fair – 33 Years
  • New Mexico State Fair – 18 years
  • North Dakota State Fair – 36 years
  • St. Louis County Fair and Air show – 5 years
  • St. Lucie County Fair (Ft. Pierce, FL) – 6 years
  • Tulsa State Fair – 33 years
  • Wisconsin State Fair – 18 years

Through constant updates and improvements, Murphy Brothers assembles the newest, and most spectacular rides and games to create an outstanding event wherever they go.

To learn how you can get the results your event deserves, please complete the booking inquiry form below or call our corporate office at (918) 712-0011.

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