Murphy Brothers Exposition
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The Murphy Midway

Welcome to the Murphy Brothers Exposition spectacular Midway. Regardless of how old you are, we have things to see and do for patrons of all ages!
Kid Rides
For the little ones, we have a wide selection of kid rides. Our kid rides are geared for riders under the age of 12 who are not ready for some of the larger attractions. Our kid rides are all brightly decorated with multi colored flashing lights, bright paint, and some feature cute characters that children adore. The best part of all is that some of our kid rides actually allow an adult to ride with their child! Some of our most popular kid rides include the Dragon Wagon, Bumble Bees, Hog Wild, and the Jumping Star. Click here to view some of our kid rides and attractions.
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Family Rides
For families, we have a variety of attractions that families can enjoy together. Many of which, accommodate up to four riders per car allowing families to share the experience. Some of our family rides include the spectacular Century Wheel, Dizzy Dragons, and Tornado – all which allow up to four riders per car. One of our most popular family attractions is the Grand Carousel. The Grand Carousel has been an icon on the Murphy Brothers midway since the 1980’s and is currently the most spectacular carousel traveling throughout the Midwestern United States. Decorated with elegant baby blue Denzel scenery, this stunning carousel features exquisite horses and exotic figurines as well as two chariot benches. Click here to view some of our family rides and attractions.
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Thrill Rides
For thrill seekers, we carry many modern day thrill rides. Our thrill rides are called thrill rides because they typically encompass high speeds or terrifying heights, which provide thrills to millions of patrons each year! Some of our thrill rides include the Screamer, an upside down attraction that features a floorless car; the Himalaya, a high speed spinning attraction; and the Starship 2000, a gravity defying experience. Click here to view some of our thrill rides and attractions.
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Spectacular Rides
Our best category is our Spectacular rides and attractions. It is many of these rides that set us apart from other traveling amusement parks in the United States. Many of our spectacular attractions are one of a kind, massive in size and some imported from Europe. One of our newest attractions is the Comet II Roller Coaster, which is one of the largest traveling roller coasters in the United States. Click here to view some of our spectacular rides and attractions.
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Game & Food Concessions
Aside from rides and attractions, we also provide world class midway games and delicious food concessions. We are capable of providing food concessions for any size midway from a local festival to a large state fair. From cotton candy and funnel cakes to gyros and pizza, we have everything your taste buds can dream of.  Click here to see some of our food and game concessions.
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Amusement Park Atmosphere
The comfort of our guests is a high priority, which is why we provide an amusement park like atmosphere. We realize that some of our midways are very large and guests often need a place to take a quick rest. We stock our midways with large shaded rest areas complete with picnic tables and aluminum benches. Our midways are fully landscaped with flower beds, shade trees, and hanging planters giving them a permanent park look. Riders will notice that each ride has height and safety signage, and even a sign to welcome you to the fair. Throughout kiddieland, children will see motivational signs with our mascot, “Murph” reminding our young guests to not do drugs and be safe.

We hope to see you soon at a Murphy Brothers Exposition event!
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