Murphy Brothers Exposition
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Midway Amenities

Amusement Park Atmosphere Shaded Rest Areas Ticket Box Picnic Area Flowers and Landscaping

The Murphy Brothers midway is unlike any other carnival midway in that we turn the event grounds into a carnival with a theme park like atmosphere.  Guests will be amazed when they enter the midway through one of our large flashing entrance gates.   Upon entering, they will find a grouping of modern ticket boxes with large back-lit marquees that stand out in the crowd.  Ticket pricing, policies, and pertinent information is clearly displayed on the ticket box window. 

As guests walk further down the midway, they will see signs welcoming them to the event.  In kiddyland, many signs line the midways with motivational messages to our younger guests from our company mascot, "Murph".  Murph reminds our little guests to not do drugs, don't talk to strangers, and to be safe at the fair.  Many of our events are very large and can make for a long day which is why we line our midways with large shaded rest areas.  Each shaded rest area is equipped with aluminum benches and picnic tables for guests to rest on and trash receptacles for trash disposal.

While many of our events have an underground cable system, for events that do not, we cover all cables with our industrial strength Yellow Jacket cable protection system.   Our Yellow Jacket protectors enable guests to walk down our midways without tripping on hazardous cables and cords.  The design of the cable protectors make it easy for guests to roll strollers and wheel chairs over.  Not only does our cable protection system provide for a safer midway, it also gives our midways a uniformed look.

To give guests the added feel of an amusement park atmosphere, our midways are fully landscaped.  Large flower beds complete with mulch, shrubs, and trees are strategically placed around the midway.  All of these great amenities can be found on the Murphy Brothers midway at one of your local events.